Consulting & Project Development


More and more businesses are recognizing the need for peak performance in the workplace. Worksite health promotion programs have paid great dividends in employee productivity, better teamwork, fewer work-related injuries, lower absenteeism, improved morale, and greater job satisfaction. Throughout her respected career, Lauve Metcalfe has successfully directed programs to help international corporations, large associations, government-sponsored research projects, and non-for-profit clients realize these essential worksite wellness goals.

Lauve will help you create a more productive and vibrant organization by initiating health promotion and wellness strategies that concentrate on individual health skill development, work team health goals, and your company’s overall philosophy and policies. Drawing on her extensive experience developing and implementing recognized health promotion and consumer awareness programs, Lauve will help your organization by:

  • developing organizational health action plans that take into account the specific needs of your organization and encourage participation from the total work population.
  • facilitating the creation of a shared vision and a sense of community that result in a positive workplace culture and improved organizational health and spirit.
  • becoming a Worksite Wellness Mentor to your professional staff and wellness committee to develop fun and creative marketing strategies.
  • presenting engaging, informative, and provocative health awareness seminars at your worksite.