W.I.S.E. Weight

Welcome to the W.I.S.E. Weight & Wellness webinar series.

This series was developed as an educational series for DSWFitness, a provider of distance education and professional development for health professionals.  The objective of this series was to share a multidimensional approach to wellness and weight management based on current research findings and my 30+ years of experience in program development as a practitioner and researcher.

The series is divided into four one hour webinars. 

Webinar 1: W.I.S.E. Weight & Wellness: Developing a Solid Foundation

This webinar provides an understanding of how to develop an integrated weight and wellness program for clients.

Webinar 2: The Value of Social Support and Positive Psychology

This webinar offers an overview of key positive psychology principles and suggested techniques to incorporate these skills into your client coaching and program offerings.

Webinar 3: Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food & Physical Activity

This webinar discusses the complex relationship of food and physical activity in creating a healthy lifestyle.

Webinar 4: Tracking Progress, Problem Solving and Maintaining Momentum

This session explores the value of monitoring progress and how to select tracking systems that address individual differences and consideration of on-going program needs. 

My hope is this information will be useful to you in offering wellness and weight management programming for the clients that you serve.